Medina’s 1st Birthday

A year ago, my wife was struggling, fighting for 60 hours of labor. I was there in the room witnessing every sweat and pain she went through to give birth to Medina. Alhamdulillah, both were okay. Medina came out at 4.23 kg. She was the “king” among other babies.

Today is her 1st birthday. She could not sleep last night as though she knows it’s her birthday today. How cute is that. Blew her first candle this morning on a little cupcake. Oh, the best part is one of our family members left a comment on my wife’s Facebook status “Did you know Medina has the same birthday as Justin Bieber?” I was like whaaaaaat?!

Happy 1st Birthday Medina :-)


Small Gathering

All of a sudden my blog is full of baby pictures. That’s what happens when you have become a parent. Anytime, anywhere when I have a chance, I will capture every single moment of my daughter, Medina. Can’t imagine looking at these pictures 20 years from now. Kids grow up very fast. Months past and my daughter is going to turn 1 this coming Friday. That also reminds me I’m getting older. Well, I don’t feel old yet but what a life changing when you have a complete family. You, your other half and the children.

These were taken in December last year at our friend’s place during their son’s 1st birthday, Thomas Mikael. Speaking about life changing, we were all single, then started dating, got married and now we all have a kid! The focus and conversation are different. Probably we used to talk rubbish and gossip a lot but now is all about our little babies. Now I understand when my father told me “Wait until you become a parent..”. Those days when he threw me that phrase I was like whaaat but now it all makes sense.

Anyway, the gathering was great. Kids had fun. Parents had fun too (because there was plenty of food to eat). Thank you Tom and Satila for the wonderful evening.

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Zoo Negara

The weather yesterday (Saturday) was nice and perfect for a day out. Considering our daughter, Medina loves animals so much (she’s afraid of human being even more), so my wife thinks it’s a good idea to take her to Zoo Negara. Please note that it was also my first time here! I bet most of you have never been to Zoo Negara before. I have always wanted to come here but it never happened until yesterday. My first impression? Well, now that we have DUKE highway the access is very easy and fast. I was from Mutiara Damansara and reached within 20-30 minutes leisurely drive. To buy tickets, you must show your IC to prove you’re a Malaysian because they have a different rate for non-Malaysian. The rate for local is RM 25 per person (adult) and double for non-Malaysian. Can’t remember children’s rate but below 2 years old is free. Opening hours from 9 am to 5 pm.

My daughter, she almost fell asleep in the car on our way to Zoo Negara but when we arrived her expression completely changed like she just woke up from a long sleep and ready to play! Her favourite was the elephant. I have never seen her so excited and energetic. Probably should consider coming here more often now. And apparently Zoo Negara is huge. I only realized when we were on a tram rides touring 1 big round. Otherwise, it’s gonna be a long walk. Good exercise though.

Funny story my wife was at the counter buying tickets and the lady asked “Malaysian kan?”. Obviously the answer was yes. Then the lady asked for my wife’s IC and she couldn’t find it because she left it at home! Here comes the hero (me). Luckily I was nearby and saw my wife was waving so, went to the counter and “saved” her. I thought that was hilarious. We first went to the animal show to see the.. animal show. First few minutes it was alright until the host asked for a volunteer to come on stage. He spent too much time interviewing the volunteer such as “Dah ader boyfriend ke belum?” that we thought he almost forgot we’re here for the animal show, not interview show. I understand it’s part of his task to get involved with the audience but 1 or 2 minutes is enough imho. It was a bit boring towards the end so we left the show unfinished.

Overall, Zoo Negara is a great place for family (or maybe couples too). Except for bad smell when you walk next to dustbin. I know it’s rubbish, it’s supposed to smell that way. Well, I think there must be a way to prevent it. After completed Zoo Negara, we went to IKEA for dinner and I was standing right next to the garbage bin while the man was cleaning up and I couldn’t smell anything. Same kind of rubbish, can drinks, food, wet stuff. Just a few minor things to fix but most importantly, everyone of us had fun especially my dear daughter. Thanks for reading and I’ve got a few shots from yesterday’s trip. Enjoy!

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Pantai Cahaya Bulan (PCB)

Feel like sharing some family photos. Was in Kota Bharu during Chinese New Year for my cousin’s wedding. A visit to Pantai Cahaya Bulan (formerly known as Pantai Cinta Berahi, PCB) is a must. Those who have been here know they can’t resist the “colek”. It was 6.30 pm when we got there so, why not a few snaps before the sunset.

I’m very impressed with my wife & sister’s skill in taking pictures. Like first picture of me and family on the right was taken by my sister and myself with my little girl Medina was taken by my lovely wife. I bet they’ve learned a lot from me LOL! So photographers, train your family members especially your wife to take beautiful pictures so that you can be in the picture nicely composed and well exposed.

Back to “colek” story. I just realized I didn’t snap any pictures while we were having it. Those who’ve seen it already can imagine. I want to show it to those who have not. If by looking it can make you drool, well eating it will.. I don’t know make you full obviously. Go to Pantai Cahaya Bulan, Kelantan and you won’t regret it but be sure to choose right restaurant because there are many but not all great. How do you choose? Ask locals or the simplest way is to observe which restaurant has the most customers.

On the other hand, my lil’ princess, Medina seemed to be enjoying walking in the sand. However, she was a bit scared when I carried her near by the water. Not sure why. Maybe the waves. Nevertheless, PCB is still one of my favourite beaches regardless a few changes around the area. Hopefully during my next visit, I can share an overview of different beaches and places. Especially food. I’m hungry now.

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